Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weimaraner: The Rambunctous Breed

Weimaraner Dog Breed Description

The Weimaraner is a medium to large-sized breed. They can weigh up to 70 pounds. They average 25-27 inches in height. They are silver or gray in coloring. Their tails are commonly docked at birth. Weimaraners date back to the 1600s.

They were created by mixing Continental Pointers and Mastiffs. They were bred for tracking large game such as bears and as a pointing breed. They were bred specifically to have a noble look but to be a reliable “gun dog”.


Weimaraners were found only in Germany until the 1950s. Weimaraners quickly became popular in the United States and their popularity has been growing ever since.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a proud Weimaraner owner which only helped to fuel their popularity. In recent years the photographer William Wegman has helped fuel the breeds growing popularity, as he specializes in photographing Weimaraners dressed in costume.

Weimaraner Breed Temperament

A Weimaraner will try the patience of their owner repeatedly. Weimaraners are highly strung and extremely rambunctious. They are fast and powerful and do not take naturally to leashes. Weimaraner is easily excited. They are a loving and affectionate breed for the most part.

They are not suitable, whatsoever, for owners that work late hours or travel frequently. They often suffer from separation anxiety and if left home alone can act out in a very destructive manner. Weimaraners have been known to be an aggressive breed.

They must be socialized very early on to ensure that they will not act out in aggressive ways towards their owner or other people. They are not well suited for homes with more than one pet. They can be careless so they are not recommended for households with small children. This breed can often be too much for their owners and would benefit the most from professional training.

Health Problems

They are prone to bloating due to having a deep chest. Bloating can be very serious and can cause serious problems for dogs. A Weimaraner owner must become very familiar with bloating so they can recognize the symptoms as soon as they occur. Often times the symptoms are very subtle or not present at all.


This breed cannot get enough exercise. It is best to keep them on a leash and go for long walks twice a day but they do not tire easily. Gentle Leaders or harnesses are almost always necessary when walking a Weimaraner. It is vital that the owner and/or a professional teach a Weimaraner to walk on a leash at an early age. The breed rarely recognizes its own strength and can easily pull or knock down an adult. They are a very fast breed so it is imperative that their owners have strong leashes that will not break if pulled.

Special Grooming Needs

Weimaraner does not require a great deal of grooming. Smoothing the coat with a brush once every couple of weeks and applying a spritz will keep the coat healthy and shiny. Bathe a Weimaraner with mild soap only when necessary.

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