Monday, March 16, 2020

Dachshund: The Wieners

Dachshund Description

Dachshunds are a small breed of dog. They stand 12-18 inches in height and weigh anywhere between 8 to 20 pounds. The breed’s most recognizable feature is its elongated bodies. They are often referred to as “wiener dogs” because they resemble a hot dog. Their height and weight are determined by their breed type.

There are three types of Dachshunds: short hair, wire hair, and long hair. Their coat length and texture varies depending on which breed of Dachshund they are. All of the breeds have very shiny coats, and they range in color which includes, but are not limited to, red, brown, tan, black, gray or yellow. They can also be harlequin, speckled, or piebald.


Dachshunds originated from Germany. They were bred to hunt badgers and other small game, hence their elongated bodies that were bred to fit down small holes during their chases. Today they are most commonly used as companion dogs and are very popular worldwide.


Dachshunds are a very well-rounded breed. They are very bold and proud. They are playful and affectionate making them a wonderful family pet. They are not well-suited, however, for households with smaller children as they can easily become agitated if poked and prodded. They are compulsive diggers and have loud barks. They are usually good with other pets but can become jealous and if this occurs, they may bite.

Health Problems

Dachshunds gain weight very easily and thus should have closely monitored diets and be given treats sparingly. They are prone to spinal disc problems, urinary tract infections, heart disease, and diabetes. An overweight Dachshund is far more likely to develop all of the described problems.


Dachshunds are a surprisingly active breed. They are very active indoors and engage in play that similar to that of a kitten. They enjoy walks outside but prefer long sessions of play inside. They should be discouraged from jumping because they are prone to spinal disc damage.

Special Grooming Needs

A Dachshund’s grooming needs depend completely on what type of coat they have. Long-haired dogs of this breed need to be brushed daily. The wire hair variety is by far the hardest type of coat to care for and should be done by a professional. A short hair Dachshund requires little to no grooming. It is best if they are wiped down with a damp cloth periodically instead of frequent baths.

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