Thursday, March 26, 2020

Basenji – The Athletic Breed

Basenji Description

The Basenji is a small breed of dog. They weigh between 22 to 26 pounds, stand 16 to 17 inches in height. Looking at them you can see that they are a very unique breed.


They have athletic bodies with almost no fat on them, which creates a very elegant appearance. They have smooth shiny coats, which include colors such as: copper, red, back, tan, brindle, and almost any combination of those colors, and they usually have white faces. They have long legs that seem almost too long for their small bodies. Basenji’s have very unusual howls but do not bark.

Basenjis originated from Egypt over 5,000 years ago and they are descendants of the long since extinct Congo Dog. They were first brought to Europe in the 1930s, but due to a rise in popularity, they are now found worldwide. They are used in the United States mostly for companionship but are often found in Africa to aide in hunting.

Also Known As

African Barkless Dog
African Bush Dog
Ango Angari
Congo Dog
Zande Dog


Basenjis are a very demanding breed and must be given a good deal of attention. They are very energetic, often even overly hyper and are very curious. Owners often have problems keeping their Basenji at home. They are patient with children of young ages, and do well with other dogs, often forming bongs with them. They are not recommended for households with cats or other smaller pets. The breed is easy to train but needs to be rewarded for their efforts in order to reinforce their learning.

Health Problems

Basenjis are prone to Fanconi’s Syndrome, which causes problems with the kidneys. This problem can prove to be fatal if not treated immediately. They are also commonly afflicted with eye problems and intestinal problems, so owners are required to regulate their diets to avoid these problems.


Basenjis are extremely active, indoors and outdoors. They must be exercised outside daily and need a good amount of playtime indoors as well. Basenjis love to run and play games but it is necessary that when you Basenji is playing off of his or her leash that they cannot escape. Curiosity sometimes gets the best of Basenjis and they will be quick to run after anything that catches their eye.

Special Grooming Needs

Very little grooming is required for a Basenji. Basenjis have unique grooming habits that are very similar to that of a cat. A Basenji knows when they need to be groomed and will bathe his or her self. Basenji very rarely shed, if ever. Because of their unique coat, this breed is great for people with allergies.

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